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The music of
Greg Stuart (Michael Pisaro-Liu, c.) 'Chamber Music: String Membrane' Four Pieces For Recorded Percussion (https://gregstuart.bandcamp.com/)

Sergio Merce 'forma circular' en lugar de pensar (https://sergiomerce.bandcamp.com/}

EKG 'perodicities mit wurlitzer' 200 Years of Electricals (https://ernstkarel.bandcamp.com/album/200-years-of-electricals)

KTL (Stephen O/Malley / Peter Rehberg) 'Tea With Kali' KTL VII(Editions Mego)

Episode dedicated to Greg Stuart


The music of
Ferran Fages 'Blau imparell' trist desert en mans de febre (self-released)
Jon Mueller 'Whose Emptiness' Family Secret (American Dreams)
Judith Hamman 'Down To Dust' Music For Cello & Humming (Blank Forms Editions)
Jen Kutler from her forthcoming release, Sonified Physiological Indicators of Empathy (Cacophonous Revival)
Clara De Asis 'Directment' Sans Nom Ni Forme (Pilgrim Talk)
Alan Jones 'lamps are stars' A Jurist For Nothing (Gertrude Tapes)
Tanner Menard 'an exposition of sorts' San Francisco: An Audiophony In Four Movements

Episode dedicated to Clara De Asis


The music of Pimmon (Paul Gough)
'Hidden' Smudge Another Yesterday 2009
'That Angoyestes Loop' Steered In Smash Ascent 2009
'Sugar In The Marmalade' Mort Aux Vaches 2003
'No Jazz For Joker'/ 'Frosty Pink' *Snaps*Cr
ackles*Pops 2003
'Sieguer Forgets' Grain 2003
"Dream Clowns' Curse of Evil Clown 2008
'Dimension P' Dimension P 2010

Episode dedicated to Darren DeMonsi


The music of John Lely
(All selections concert recordings except Doubles)

Meander Section (2018)
Quartet of Apartment House players

Stopping At The Sheer Edge Will Never Abolish Space (2020)
for soprano and three cellos

During (2013)
Trio Voci

Fall In The Fresh Lap of the Cloudy Messenger (2002)
Apartment House Ensemble

Doubles (2019)
Erik Carlson, violins

Episode dedicated to Simon Reynell


The music of
Bani Haykal~ This Is You Glitching My Death (Hasana Editions)
Will Guthrie ~ Nist-Nah (Black Truffle)
Stephane Garin / Jean-Phillipe Gross ~ Dénombrement (Eich)
Deathprod ~ Occulting Disk (Smalltown Supersounds)
Ned Lagin ~ Seastones (Important Records)

Episode dedicated to Will Guthrie


The music of
Anne Chris Bakker ~ Petrichor (Stof & Geest)
Charles Curtis ~ Occam V / Song (Performances & Recordings 1998-2018)
Giovanni de Domenico ~ Part III (Issolo!)
Anne Hostmann / Cheryl Duvall ~ Yellow Bird (Harbour)

Episode dedicated to Terry Jennings, 1940-1981


The music of
Jason Calhoun ~ Practice (Lily Tapes)
Catriel Nievas ~ El lago de los seis lugares (https://catrielnievas.bandcamp.com/)
Barry Chabala/Lance Austin Olsen/Bruno Duplant ~ Dark Before Dawn (Roeba #12)
Bill Orcutt ~ Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)

Episode dedicated to the indefatigable Bruno Duplant


The music of
Cristian Alvear ~ a piece from Seis pequenas piezas para guitarra (Zoomin' Night) and Point/Wave (Another Timbre)
Taku Sugimoto~ short pieces from takusugimoto.bandcamp.com

Episode dedicated to Tetuzi Akiyama


Music released in 2019 from
Fergus Kelly ~ Gleaming Seams (Room Temperature)
Will Guthrie ~ Some Nasty (Hasana Editions)
City of Djinn ~ S/T (Somnimage)
Piv-ots (aka Nicholas Burrage) ~ Orangish  (nomad exquisite)
Emiliano Romanelli ~ Untitled (9 Patterns) (Senufo Editions)

Episode dedicated to Fergus Kelly


An April 20, 1996 concert recording of AMM in Chicago.

Episode dedicated to Karl J. Palouńćek, who contributed the recording for this episode.


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