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The music of
Anne Chris Bakker ~ Petrichor (Stof & Geest)
Charles Curtis ~ Occam V / Song (Performances & Recordings 1998-2018)
Giovanni de Domenico ~ Part III (Issolo!)
Anne Hostmann / Cheryl Duvall ~ Yellow Bird (Harbour)

Episode dedicated to Terry Jennings, 1940-1981


The music of
Jason Calhoun ~ Practice (Lily Tapes)
Catriel Nievas ~ El lago de los seis lugares (https://catrielnievas.bandcamp.com/)
Barry Chabala/Lance Austin Olsen/Bruno Duplant ~ Dark Before Dawn (Roeba #12)
Bill Orcutt ~ Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)

Episode dedicated to the indefatigable Bruno Duplant


The music of
Cristian Alvear ~ a piece from Seis pequenas piezas para guitarra (Zoomin' Night) and Point/Wave (Another Timbre)
Taku Sugimoto~ short pieces from takusugimoto.bandcamp.com

Episode dedicated to Tetuzi Akiyama


Music released in 2019 from
Fergus Kelly ~ Gleaming Seams (Room Temperature)
Will Guthrie ~ Some Nasty (Hasana Editions)
City of Djinn ~ S/T (Somnimage)
Piv-ots (aka Nicholas Burrage) ~ Orangish  (nomad exquisite)
Emiliano Romanelli ~ Untitled (9 Patterns) (Senufo Editions)

Episode dedicated to Fergus Kelly


An April 20, 1996 concert recording of AMM in Chicago.

Episode dedicated to Karl J. Palouńćek, who contributed the recording for this episode.


The music of
Hands To (Jeph Jerman)~ Scrine (Notice Recordings)
Ryan McGuire ~ Drukkna (Painted Throat)
David Seidel (Food For The Moon) (https://mysterybear.bandcamp.com/album/food-for-the-moon)

Episode dedicated to Jeremy Tupta


The music of
Kevin Drumm (June) (excerpt)
Emiliano Romanelli (Untitled: 9 Patterns)
Miguel Angel Tolosa (Ephimeral)
Lea Bertucci (Resonant Field)
Horse Trance Music of Western Java (The Sacred Entertainment)

Episode dedicated to Jon Mueller


The music of
Leroy Jenkins (Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America, 1978)
Air (Air Song, 1975)
Ornette Coleman (Science Fiction, 1972)
Alexander von Schlippenbach (Pakistani Pommade, 1973)
Masahiko Togashi (Rings, 1976)
Anthony Braxton (Willisau (Quartet), 1991)

Episode dedicated to Derek Taylor


The music of Lance Austin Olsen.

Selections from:
Look At The Mouth That Is Looking At You
Dark Heart
Plato's Cave

Episode dedicated to Jamie Drouin.


The music of Catherine Lamb.

Episode dedicated to Brian Olewnick


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